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Rehandle up-cycles plastic veg sacks, fresh from food markets, into one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted bags and accessories. Rehandle also hosts up-cycling workshops.  

Rehandle’s mission is to build sustainable solutions in collaboration with local communities to reduce single use plastic pollution.

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Creative Director & Co Founder ~ Emily George
Producer & Co Founder ~ Rose Dunster
Communications & Co Founder ~ Emma Crampton

The Story

We noticed a huge amount of beautiful, fresh and valuable single - use plastics being thrown into landfill from our local markets everyday. Through collaborating with people within the market communities, we set up a collection scheme, enabling us to up-cycle this special material. These people are known as ‘Rehandlers’*.

Markets are a rich resource in food, culture and community, all of which Rehandle celebrates.

*A rehandler is a member of the Rehandle community who’s passionate about reducing single-use plastics. They collect fruit and veg sacks from their local greengrocer, market vendor or restaurant in return for up-cycled Rehandle rewards (freebies).


Product Range: 



The product stands and business cards are up-cycled from discarded fruit and veg boxes. They are 100% recyclable. They are made using a laser cutter... but don’t worry, no fruit or veg is harmed in the making.

Product Stand, made from up-cycled veg boxes.